Ben Shapiro Calls on Americans To Fight For Control

( )- In a recent post on Facebook, conservative Ben Shapiro shared a Daily Wire article about podcaster Joe Rogan’s reaction to Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s offer to purchase Twitter. And in sharing the post, Shapiro added that at some point, Americans have to “wrest control from those who have devalued and diminished free speech online.”

Shapiro warned that this has to be done to prevent any further decay of “our values.”

The Saturday before Easter, Rogan said he was excited at the prospect of Musk purchasing Twitter and explained why society is looking to “powerful leaders” for guidance.

Rogan said people are calling on others for leadership, guidance, and support, adding “We look to powerful leaders.” He said that’s why so many people, including himself, are excited about Musk buying Twitter. Musk, Rogan explained, is a “super-intelligent leader-type character” who “seems to have great ethics and morals, too.”

Watch Rogan’s remarks:

It was reported over the weekend that Twitter’s board of directors began deal negotiations with Musk on Sunday after Musk began wooing the company’s shareholders with financing deals on his purchase offer.

According to Reuters, Sunday’s meetings don’t necessarily mean that the company’s board will accept Musk’s $43 billion offer. However, it does signify that the company is exploring whether selling Twitter to Musk could be possible on more attractive terms.

Twitter hasn’t decided if it will put pressure on Musk to increase his offer.

The Wall Street Journal initially reported Sunday morning that Musk and Twitter would be meeting to discuss his purchase offer.