Ben Carson Says New CDC Rule Is Criminal

( )- Dr. Ben Carson, the Housing and Urban Development secretary under the Trump administration, recently told Newsmax that the new eviction moratorium established by the Centers for Disease Control is illegal.

The decision by the CDC, which was supported by the Biden administration, sees the eviction moratorium extended in regions with high COVID-19 infection rates until October 3. And Carson’s comments are totally accurate: the CDC doesn’t have the authority to implement such a rule.

“Obviously, it’s not legal,” Carson told “Cortes and Pellegrino.”

He added that the United States needs to recognize that the COVID environment is now very different than it was when the moratorium was first established, adding that the epidemic was “raging” at the time, there was no vaccine, and doctors were still uncertain about what was the best kind of treatment.

Carson noted that now, the United States not only has vaccines available to those who want them, but also jobs and even federally designated money being sent to landlords to pay the back rents that were caused by lockdown.

He asked why the government is being “so inefficient” in the distribution of these funds, and that it is important to talk about how to avoid creating dependency on the government in the process.

Carson’s insistence that the CDC’s moratorium is unconstitutional isn’t the first time it has been said. In June, the CATO Institute revealed that under Supreme Court jurisprudence, Congress can rely on the “implied power to regulate intrastate economic activity” – but that the legal process of eviction is not by nature “economic.”

A month prior, a District Court judge for the District of Columbia ruled that the moratorium was unlawful as the CDC didn’t have the authority to impose such a rule.

Carson warned that unless America wakes up soon, it will be “very hard” to get rid of the current setup that sees big business in bed with big government.