Ben Carson Says Children Are Being Abused Under New COVID Rules

( )- In an interview this week, neurosurgeon and former Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson told Breitbart News Daily that Democrats are abusing children with mask mandates, COVID fearmongering, Critical Race Theory, and transgender ideology.

Carson said the Democrats’ citing opposition to “racism” as a justification for getting rid of standardized testing is an insult to ethnic and racial minorities. He said it is insulting for Democrats to suggest that minority students are incapable of doing well on standardized tests, and the notion that minorities who are precise and accurate are “acting white” is “a bunch of garbage.”

Carson blasted the push to force children to wear masks in school, noting that masks obstruct the key element of communication, namely facial expressions. Without that communication, Carson said, children are missing out on a “very important sociological development aspect of life.”

What’s more, scaring children into believing they could potentially kill their grandparents with COVID is a form of child abuse, Carson explained. So too is instilling in white children a sense of guilt over their skin color while instilling in black children a sense of victimhood over theirs.

Carson noted that suicide rates and attempted suicides among children are at record highs. So too are incidents of depression and anxiety. Scaring kids about COVID, confusing them about their gender, and dividing them over their race are all destroying children.

Carson said America used to be a place of hope which is why people around the world came here. But the entire Leftist ideology is removing that hope from our society.

Listen to Breitbart’s interview with Ben Carson HERE.