Becoming a Patriot

Becoming a Patriot

( – Merriam-Webster defines patriotism as “love for or devotion to one’s country.” Similarly, it defines nationalism as “loyalty and devotion to a nation,” but adds “placing primary emphasis on promotion of its culture and interests as opposed to those of other nations or supranational groups.” The two terms frequently are used interchangeably, but quite clearly mean different things.

Who Is a Patriot?

In the United States, the country is governed by the Constitution. Any other laws cannot be put in place if they go against this context of this document. Patriots of the United States understand this and abide by it. Thus, in the case of our country, one might say a patriot is devoted to the ideals set forth in the Constitution.

As indicated above, “love” is also involved in patriotism, and explains why so many people who are patriots are willing to risk enormous loss in order to protect their country and the constitution that governs it.

What Patriots Do

Patriots feel a sense of devotion to their country, but not necessarily to those who lead it. Because it’s closely tied to the Constitution, they’ll naturally feel more loyalty to those leaders who uphold the Law of the Land, as opposed to those who don’t. Becoming a patriot starts with understanding what the country really is and what it’s about, and in the case of the US, understanding the Constitution.

Developing Understanding

An all too common practice has been for people to get their information from media sources. But, in order to understand what’s happening without being subject to bias, it’s best to investigate the details the media discusses. This would start with the Constitution and extend to executive orders, hearings, bills, laws, and even how any representative of the people votes, pushes or condemns specific issues.

Supporting the Nation

Supporting a nation doesn’t mean agreeing with everything that’s going on within. In fact, it’s the varied views of the people that allow the US to grow and evolve as a nation. In a republic such as the US, where terms are not dictated but guided by the Law of the Land, the voice of the people can lead to great changes.

Elements of Encouragement

A patriot is as much about supporting the people of the land as supporting the nation as a whole. And, just as it takes all kinds to make a nation successful, encouragement comes in many forms, from many skill sets. You don’t have to be a constitutional wizard to encourage a nation. Rather, every individual has the ability to do it in their own way, as shown below.

  • Inform: No one person can keep up with every inner working of the country, nor understand all of the elements and language used. But those who do keep up on aspects of it and understand the language can help inform those who don’t.
  • Represent: Through the proper display of flags and even military insignias and garb, citizens can provide a visual representation that’s often encouraging to fellow citizens.
  • Vote: Every adult citizen has the right to vote. Some even take it a step further and help register voters, volunteer to help at polls, get involved with campaigns, offer safe rides to voters, or simply display campaign signs.
  • Rally: For many, politics can be boring. Rallies help raise the spirits of voter, but, also go a long way toward helping them connect with other patriots and understand the issues at hand. The candidate doesn’t even have to be present. The year 2020 saw an influx of car and truck rallies, and even boat rallies to support presidential candidates on either side.
  • Improve: See something wrong in your community? A nation is made up of never-ending moving parts. The better those parts function individually, the better the nation does as a whole. Where there’s room for improvement, there’s room for a citizen to step in and start a movement or otherwise take action. This can go from helping one individual improve themselves, to starting a nationwide movement to create change.
  • Resolve: Anyone can complain about things going on in the world, but in order to improve a nation, people need to offer resolutions. It starts with an idea, and with effort, can lead to great improvements.
  • Militarize: One way that some people show their patriotism is by joining a military force. In this way, they seek to protect the nation and develop themselves and their skills as an individual.

It isn’t hard to be a patriot. Those who have love and loyalty to their country usually naturally gravitate towards making some effort that can lead to its success. If actions of a citizen are done for love and loyalty of the country, and a desire to do something to promote such things, those are the actions of a patriot.

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