Barack Obama Slams Biden’s Ambassador Picks

( )- President Joe Biden isn’t just letting down the American people – he’s letting down his allies. That’s the message coming from Brett Bruen, formerly the Director of Global Engagement under the Obama administration.

Bruen, who is considered an expert in crisis communications, told the Daily Telegraph that Biden’s decision to nominate Jane Hartley as the United States Ambassador to the United Kingdom was a foolish move, arguing that the president is appointing amateurs who don’t know what they’re doing.

“We need to understand how much has changed since Trump,” he said. “These aren’t the good ole’ days when Hartley and I served under President Obama.”

The good old news? How many people would agree that the Obama era constituted the “good old days”?

Bruen said that Hartley is not skilled in the world of international affairs and isn’t cut out for the job – and seemed to imply that she may have only been given the job because she was formerly a major donor to the Democratic Party.

“Our position in the world has weakened significantly and we no longer have the luxury of sending amateur diplomats abroad,” he added, saying that there needs to be “someone more seasoned” than Hartley sent to the United Kingdom to restore America’s credibility.

While the message is significant, and Republicans would likely agree with it, Bruen’s suggestion that America has lost credibility is a direct dig at former President Donald Trump. Many Americans would say that the United States has lost credibility over the last year, since President Joe Biden has been in office.

And, in fact, that’s precisely what Biden’s approval ratings appear to show…