Baby Names That Are Banned in America, Revealed

( )- Every year, millions of infants are born and given names in the United States. However, some names or naming customs are reportedly forbidden by state governments.
This came to light in 2020 when Tesla CEO Elon Musk and singer Grimes attempted to name their first son X Æ A-12  in the state of California.

According to reports,  the couple changed the name’s number 12 to the Roman numeral XII, which is permissible and in compliance with California state law.

According to an online parenting and pregnancy magazine,  other name regulations in the Golden State include limiting names to 26 English alphabet characters and prohibiting pictograms, emojis, and profane or insulting names.

But what justifies states having a voice in a citizen’s name?
According to, birth certificate issuing comes within state authority.

According to research from, a record-obtaining guide independent of federal and state governments, the following five states in America have limitations on names.

In Georgia, only symbols, including accent marks, are forbidden.

First, middle, and last names in New York can only be 30 and 40 characters long, respectively.  Names with numbers or symbols are prohibited.

Ohioans are not permitted to use numerals in their names, but they are allowed to use hyphens, apostrophes, and spaces.

In Texas, first, middle, and last names can only be made using the English alphabet, with no more than 100 characters. Numbers and diacritical signs are purportedly forbidden.

In Virginia, names cannot have numerals, symbols, or other special characters, including umlauts and tildes.

According to reports, a few odd names have been attempted in different locations of the U.S. and were later declared unconstitutional by state courts. Several names are off-limits for newborns.  They include King, Queen, Jesus Christ, III, Santa Claus, Majesty, Adolf Hitler, Messiah, the sign @, and the number 1069.

Is 1069 a nickname for “Error 1069”?

According to, names with trademark references may also be disallowed on birth certificates. According to the website, insulting remarks may also be  denied.