Authorities Say Terrorist Strike Could Happen In Kabul Within Hours

( )- The United States federal government probably knew that an attack outside of Kabul’s international airport was imminent on Thursday, according to a report from that same day describing how British defense officials had warned that an attack was extremely likely.

The Washington Examiner reported only hours before multiple suicide attacks took place outside of the airport, killing more than a dozen American military personnel and at least 60 Afghans, how British Armed Forces Minister James Heappey had warned that there was an imminent attack.

Heappey told the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) that they had “very, very credible reporting of an imminent attack.”

Given the United States and United Kingdom’s long history and special relationship, that information was almost certainly shared with American officials. And we do know that the State Department warned American citizens at the airport gates on Wednesday to leave the area “immediately” owing to these kinds of threats. The airport was temporarily shut down in expectation of the attack, and yet, somehow, American military personnel were still in harm’s way and ended up being killed.

Would this have happened if President Joe Biden had evacuated American citizens before he withdrew American troops and abandoned the Bagram airbase?

Before the tragic attack took place, Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid dismissed the reports of an imminent attack, insisting that they would follow the deal made with the Americans. However, once the attack took place, ISIS very quickly took responsibility.

The question on everybody’s lips is…if we knew this attack was about to happen, did the Biden administration do everything they could to prevent it from causing the deaths of 13 American military personnel?