At Least 35 People Missing In U.S. Disaster

( )- The last week hasn’t exactly been great in terms of the weather. Just before New England took a beating from Tropical Storm Henri, which caused major flooding, North Carolina saw its own tropical storm sweep through the state and leave dozens of people missing.

Tropical Storm Fred caused chaos, leaving 35 people missing, according to local authorities and search-and-rescue teams.

In a Facebook post, Haywood County revealed that while several people remained unaccounted for, many have been “located safe” and “reunited with their families.”

According to the county, additional teams were being sent in to assist with the search-and-rescue efforts, and engineering teams were deployed to work on assessing the damage done to the region and to construct temporary bridges to assist drivers and pedestrians.

Shocking footage shared online showed how the flooding became so bad this it literally picked up somebody’s home from its foundations. It can be seen floating away into the distance.

Drone footage in Balsam Grove also showed the extent of the flooding, with water sweeping through homes, engulfing cars, and destroying communities.

That’s some terrifying damage.

Democratic Governor of North Carolina Roy Cooper declared a state of emergency last week after some regions experienced around a foot of rain over three days. Haywood County appeared to be the most heavily impacted region in the state.

According to the governor, the state of emergency made it easier for first responders to access worst-affected communities more quickly.

Remnants of Tropical Storm Fred also contributed to the dramatic stormy weather in New York and New England this week.