Ashli Babbitt Vindicated After Newly Unearthed Footage From January 6th

( )- Newly-released footage from the January 6 riot in the Capitol appears to show Ashli Babbitt in the last moments of her life trying to prevent people from attacking the Speaker’s Lobby before attempting to climb through a broken window.

According to the analysis of footage shot by three people, for several minutes before she was shot and killed, Babbitt is seen imploring rioters to stop vandalizing the Capitol. She shouted at police nearby to call for backup.

One previously unaired segment of video shot for InfoWars by Sam Montoya shows rioter Zachary J. Alam using a black riot helmet to repeatedly smash the glass in one of the doors and the window to the right of the doors.

Babbitt is heard shouting, “Stop it!” just as the entire pane of glass in the door fell into the Speaker’s Lobby. Alam then turns his attention to the side window and smashes it until it too falls into the lobby.

Babbitt is then seen stepping toward the corner where she grabs Alam’s backpack and punches him in the nose, knocking his glasses off.

Then, while Alam fumbles with his glasses, Babbitt is seen climbing into the window where she was shot by US Capitol Police Lt. Michael Byrd. After she falls backward onto the floor, Alam can be seen turning around and looking at Babbitt before running off-camera.

The video footage is another blow to the media’s portrayal of Ashli Babbitt as a mindless, angry insurrectionist, which may be why they’re ignoring the release of this footage.

According to witnesses, Zachary Alam was preparing to climb through the window after he smashed it. He should consider himself lucky. If Babbitt had not stopped him with a punch, it might have been he, rather than Babbitt, who was shot and killed by Lt. Byrd.

According to Ashli Babbitt’s husband Aaron, the new footage confirms what he has said from the beginning, that Ashli was a good person who supported the police, and that she didn’t hurt anyone.

Watch the footage HERE.