Arsonist Attack Goes Very Wrong

( )- Two suspect arsonists set themselves on fire early Monday morning in Bakersfield, California, after dousing a shop with gasoline.

According to reports, Ring surveillance footage captured the two men pouring gasoline on Servicio de Imigracion, an immigration services company. One man started the fire, which quickly spread to both men. As the suspects fled, their screams could be heard.

The attack’s motivation is unknown, and the perpetrators remain at large.

Local news reported that the Kern County Fire Department had reported a structure fire that occurred at midnight on Monday. Two individuals can be seen on surveillance footage given by business owner Max Solorzano pouring gasoline all over the business before lighting it and themselves on fire.

Within 10 minutes of their arrival, firefighters were able to extinguish the blaze and restrict the damage to the garage.

The involved business, Servicio de Imigracion, is a tax preparation firm. The owner requested that local media advise those in need of tax or immigration services to visit their Planz Road office, as the Niles location will be closed due to a fire.

Max Solorzano, the owner of the business, told the local news station that the city of Bakersfield must do more to safeguard its citizens. They must strive harder to keep the community safe in this regard because it is a small firm that helps a large number of people.  Some customers will be unable to access our services due to inactivity.

Later, Solorzano said that the shop was also robbed the following day since his cameras were broken, and he was not warned as he typically would have been.

The local news reports that no suspects have been found, and the motivation for the arson remains unknown.

Solorzano assists farmworker families with immigration procedures and assists individuals with tax preparation. He requests his clients’ patience while he works through this situation.

Numerous house fires in Bakersfield have been attributed to many homeless individuals staying in abandoned houses and other structures.