Arnold Schwarzenegger Calls Heaven A “Fantasy”

According to Arnold Schwarzenegger, heaven and hell are both fantasies, and there is no difference between them. 

He believes that death is the end. He believes there is no afterlife and thinks anyone who says otherwise is a “f***ing liar.”

During a conversation for Interview Magazine on “What’s in the future for us,” the 75-year-old actor shared his views on personal faith with Danny DeVito, 78.

The star of Terminator said that Howard Stern asked him what he thought happened when we die. 

He said, “You are buried six feet underground. “ That’s it.

Arnold admitted that he was not an expert in spiritual matters and did not know what happens with the soul. However, he said he believes that the physical body that we currently see will never be seen in the same way again.

The body-builder said he feels discomfort discussing death but shared his belief that heaven is not real.

The ex-governor of California mentioned losing approximately 15 friends from his bodybuilding days in the past 20 years. This made him reconsider the idea of an afterlife due to the sad truth of our limited time on earth.

He said the idea of seeing loved ones again in heaven might sound comforting, but the truth is that we will not be reunited after death. It is unfortunate. He said that while some people may feel comfortable with death, he does not.

The actor disclosed that he had fathered a child with their housekeeper, Mildred Baena, named Joseph, which broke his ex-wife Maria Shriver’s heart.

Schwarzenegger revealed that Shriver confronted him in 2011 about his parentage during a session with their marriage counselor.

A new three-part documentary called Arnold will start streaming on Netflix on Wednesday, and it is expected to reveal more about his trials and tribulations.

According to an official synopsis, the docuseries follows Arnold Schwarzenegger’s life from his upbringing in Austria to his success in America. The series includes interviews with Schwarzenegger and his friends, enemies, co-stars, and observers.