Arkansas Gov. Calls on CDC to Give Clear Guidance for Moving COVID to Endemic

( )- Over recent weeks, several state governors who were previously on board with the Biden administration’s COVID policies, have begun to balk at the current CDC COVID guidelines, including Arkansas Republican Governor Asa Hutchinson.

Last Monday, Governor Hutchinson urged the CDC to provide clear guidance so that states could begin the transition from the pandemic to treating the COVID virus as endemic.

During a White House meeting with the National Governors Association, Hutchinson said states need the CDC to provide the right standards to “move to more endemic status,” adding that governors want to transition back to normal life.

However, President Biden argued that the US still has “a way to go” before we can treat COVID as endemic, but added, “we’re moving.” Biden said he wants to make sure every state is using the same standards “across the board” and said his administration will “try like the devil to keep schools open.”

Instead of just saying, “Don’t worry, Mr. President. I’m the governor of Arkansas and I’ll see to it my state’s schools are open,” that dope Hutchinson thanked the president for trying to keep schools open.

Ron DeSantis he is not.

Hutchinson doesn’t need the Biden administration’s permission to keep schools open. And he doesn’t need the CDC to tell him when he can treat the virus as endemic. This is the problem with this guy. Rather than lead his state, he goes to the federal government, hat in hand, and asks them for permission.

Then again, Hutchinson isn’t a reliable conservative Republican. He has consistently partnered with the Biden administration on COVID messaging, which, considering how all over the map the White House’s COVID messaging has been, is a stupid thing to do.

Meanwhile, some Democrat governors and members of Congress must have gotten a peek at the polling because quite a few of them are changing their tune on COVID restrictions.

On Monday, COVID True Believer Congressman Ted Lieu demanded that officials start taking natural immunity into account regarding COVID. Really? Where was Ted on natural immunity for the last two years?

Also on Monday, Governor Hair Gel Newsom in California announced that the state’s indoor mask mandate would expire next week.