Arizona Legislators Call For State School Boards To End Affiliation With NSBA

( )- Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers, along with a number of other state lawmakers, is calling on the Arizona School Board Association to cut ties with the National School Boards Association in response to the NSBA’s September 29 letter to the White House asking for the Justice Department and Homeland Security to investigate protesting parents for suspected “domestic terrorism.”

The NSBA letter, which was later reported as a group effort between members of the NSBA and the Biden White House, prompted Attorney General Merrick Garland to release his October 5 memo instructing federal law enforcement to begin investigating parents for “violence” and “threats of violence” against school officials.

It was later learned that NSBA president Viola Garcia, who was behind the September 29 letter, was later tapped to join the Biden Department of Education.

In late October, after several state school board associations began dropping their membership from the NSBA over the September 29 letter, the NSBA issued a memo apologizing for the letter and the “strain and stress” it caused NSBA members.

Yet despite the apology and regret from the NSBA, Senator Rogers still wants the Arizona School Boards Association to withdraw its membership.

Calling the NSBA “out of touch” with state and local school board officials in Arizona, Rogers told the ASBA “now is the time for courage.” The letter cites the other state school boards association that have already withdrawn from the NSBA and urges Arizona to follow suit.

Among the Republican lawmakers signing on to Rogers’ letter are State Senators Warren Peterson and Kelly Townsend, and State Representative Mark Finchem, who is running for Arizona Secretary of State.

The timing of this letter is odd, to say the least.

Rogers’ letter is dated November 2 – nearly a full month after Attorney General Merrick Garland’s memo and more than a month after the NSBA’s initial letter to the White House.

Why the delay?

It can’t be a coincidence that these Arizona politicians sent the letter on the same day as the Virginia elections. This begs the question, was this letter just a political ploy to glom onto Glenn Youngkin’s successful strategy of focusing on parents’ rights in education?