Apple Watch Production Delayed Suddenly

( )- Reports suggest that the latest version of the Apple Watch, a small device worn on the wrist that allows users to see text messages and notifications and even control media on their phone, has been delayed.

On Tuesday, reporters revealed that the complicated design of the Apple Watch caused production delays, with anonymous sources close to the matter revealing the news.

Nikkei Asia first broke the news, and described how Apple initiated a small-scale production before finding that the quality of the finished assembly was unsatisfactory. For a company obsessed with quality – so obsessed that they are willing to hire thousands of underpaid Chinese workers in cramped factories who work who knows how many hours per day – it meant that production was immediately stopped while they figured out what was going wrong.

Sources told Nikkei that the new blood pressure monitor sensor in the device was causing the problems, combined with the complications of making the small device water-resistant.

The Apple Watch is usually released alongside the new iPhone models whenever a new version is available, and the company is expected to release a host of new devices this fall. An official release event has not yet been announced this year, but they usually take place in September and October.

Sources couldn’t tell Nikkei whether Apple plans to postpone the launch of the device, but the chances are fairly high. Production problems have affected the usual fall launches before, but when it does, Apple doesn’t usually explain what happened.

So if you’re expecting to see the new Apple Watch in the next iPhone event, don’t be surprised if they quietly launch the device on the website a few months later.

Sources have also revealed that the new watch features an all-new design with flat edges reminiscent of the latest iPads and iPhones.