Apple Confirms Massive “Bug” In Phones It’s Scrambling To Fix

( )- No matter how big a tech company is, it seems as though their engineers are incapable of fully defending users against a litany of security threats. That inconvenient truth was on full display last week when Apple revealed that the latest version of its internet browser, Safari 15, was affected by a bug that potentially exposes the personal data and internet activity of its users online.

The security flaw was revealed by FingerprintJS. The flaw depends on websites that use a JavaScript application known as IndexedDB, which is used for client-side data storage. When a user visits a website that uses this programming interface, sites are able to see what other websites iPhone users are visiting in different windows or tabs.

And to make it worse, because some websites identify visitors by name, it means that hackers could potentially store information – including the sites you visit and the data you input on those sites – alongside your full name and identity.

According to Apple news website 9to5Mac, Apple engineers are already preparing a fix that will be made available “very soon” – but no specifics have yet been provided.

If you use iPhone, the best option to protect yourself for now is not to use multiple tabs or windows when browsing the internet – especially if you are on websites that you “log in” to with your name or personal information.