Apple And Google Reportedly Raking In Massive Profits From Scams

( )- A journalist just unveiled the shocking truth about Apple and Google’s app stores, telling Hill.TV’s “Rising” show that the two platforms are making huge sums of money from apps that are “basically scams.”

Journalist Zaid Jilani argued that one of reason why Google and Apple have long opposed making changes to the way their app stores work is because of how much money they’re making from these nefarious apps.

Jilani referenced Senator Jon Ossoff, a Georgia Democrat who asked if Apple was making a cut on some of its billing practices during a Senate Judiciary antitrust subcommittee hearing on Wednesday. Ossoff questioned whether the tech giant was making money on users setting up recurring payments for apps that effectively offer “meaningless services.”

Jilani said that Ossoff’s questioning of Apple was aimed at the issue of app stores scamming users for money by offering limited services or misleading users into thinking the apps do something that they don’t.

“They have fake reviews, they tend to have free trials that really aren’t free trials, they subscribe people to things that are very hard to unsubscribe from, and they’re basically a bunch of fraudulent and scam apps that lead their store,” Jilani explained.

“I think what Ossoff is trying to figure out here is, ‘Is Apple dragging its feet on these things because they’re making a ton of money off of apps that are basically scams?’” Jilani told the show. “Is that why they take months and months of being pushed and prodded to actually correct and actually take down products that could basically be defrauding customers?”

It comes as Apple and Google are placed under intense scrutiny over their “anti-competitive” behavior with their app stores.

The two companies, along with representatives from Match, Spotify, and Tile, gave evidence to the Senate committee this week, discussing the issue of the app store charge fees of up to 30% of all in-app purchases.

The controversy relates to the way that the app stores require all services to provide a portion of their profits to the app store – a decision that prompted some platforms to withdraw from their app stores entirely.

Microsoft recently withdrew its Xbox live streaming application from the Apple app store and created a mobile website platform for users to access instead, citing Apples’ refusal to back down on its requirement of apps paying 30% of subscription revenue to its platform.

Thankfully, this is something the Democrats appear to agree with the Republicans on – with Senator Amy Klobuchar adding that Apple’s App Store was running a “literal monopoly” and that both the Google and Apple stores “exclude or suppress apps that compete with their own products.”