AOC Started Dancing Amid Serious Concerns From Protestors, Drawing Criticisms

( )- Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez began to dance when protestors interrupted her during a town hall event, drawing negative reactions from Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, according to a report from Fox News.

Cortez, who represents New York’s 14th congressional district, largely dismissed the protestors chanting “AOC has got to go,” by breaking out into a dance going along with the rhythm of the heckles. Toward the end of the video, members of the audience turned on the protestors and were demanding that they let her speak.

Cortez then responded to a sign saying, “Wake up New York. Vote for Tina Forte. F**K AOC.”

“Classy,” she said sarcastically.

In a video survey conducted by pollster Lee Carter through her company, Maslansky + Partners,149 registered voters, evenly split between Democrats, Republicans, and Independents all reported their reactions to how the congresswoman handled the situation. Carter called the reactions “mixed.”

While some voters said that Cortez did okay in the “face of disrespect” and letting it “roll off her back,” others were upset that she was being dismissive of the people she is supposed to represent.

“[Voter said things like] ‘AOC needs to take constituents seriously, even if they don’t agree with her. She doesn’t take them seriously.’ And so, we can see that once again AOC is polarizing, but gets all of our attention,” Carter told Fox News Digital.

The survey showed that Republicans and Independents held a slightly positive reaction to the protestors, while Democrats remained largely neutral. When the congresswoman began to dance, however, all three types of voters reported a slightly negative reaction.

The protests came after a similar incident occurred in which Cortez was interrupted at another town hall by anti-war protestors who accused her of supporting the war in Ukraine after she voted to send weapons and tens of billions of dollars to the country.

Her fellow squad member Rep. Ilhan Omar was also heckled at a town hall by protestors accusing her of being a “warmonger” for going back on her word. Omar initially claimed during the early days of the Ukraine war that the U.S. sending resources to the country would only aggravate tensions with Russia.