Another Putin Critic Found Dead Under Mysterious Circumstances

( )- A critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin was found dead after falling from a window in India, according to a report from Newsweek. Pavel Antov, a member of Putin’s United Russia party and “a wealthy sausage tycoon” was reportedly found dead outside the Hotel Sai International in Rayagada laying in a pool of his blood.

Antov died two days after his friend, Vladimir Bidenov, was also found dead at the same hotel. The two were reportedly in a group of four. Authorities are alleging that Antov fell from a window. Russia’s consul general in Kolkata, Alexei Idamkin, said that they do not suspect foul play was the cause of either man’s death.

Speaking to the state RIA Novosti news agency, Idamkin said that they are in touch with the relatives of the men and the police department of the city where the deaths occurred.

Because foreign nationals were involved in the deaths, Sunil Kumar Bansal, Odisha’s Director General of Police has ordered a probe be launched into the incidents. Bansal reportedly said that Bidenov’s death was the result of a heart attack.

Antov is the latest Russian to die in mysterious circumstances since the invasion of Ukraine, according to Newsweek. On a WhatsApp message, he reportedly criticized a Russian missile attack on a residential building in Ukraine, calling it “terror.”

The message was deleted shortly after and he wrote on social media that it was posted by accident, adding that he was a “patriot of my country” and supported Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

The deaths come after Ravil Maganov, the chairman of Russian oil giant Lukoil, died in September when he allegedly fell from a hospital window in Moscow. His death preceded the gas company’s statement from the board of directors, expressing “its deepest concerns about the tragic events in Ukraine.”