Angela Lansbury Fled America Over Concerns Of Serial Killer Charles Manson

( )- The late, great actress Angela Lansbury revealed in 2014 that she moved her family from California to Ireland in the 1960s out of concern for her daughter’s relationship with the notorious serial killer Charles Manson. Lansbury was nominated for an Oscar twice before she turned 21 and later dominated the stage in New York, winning an astounding five Tony Awards.

After 53 years of marriage, Lansbury and her husband Peter Shaw discovered that their teenage children Anthony and Deidre had started using drugs.

In 2014, Lansbury said it began with pot and then progressed to heroin. She said groups committed to murderous objectives in the hills above Malibu. She hates to admit it, but Deidre was formerly a member of a group headed by Charles Manson. She was one of many children who knew him, enthralled.

Lansbury said that there was no denying that he had a remarkable personality and was captivating in many ways. She recalls telling her husband, “We have to go.”

Despite having been born in London, the woman claimed that she relocated the family to Ireland because it was her mother’s birthplace and some place her children wouldn’t be exposed to any more harmful influences.

She rejected any employment for a year and merely kept home. She purchased Elizabeth David’s books and developed her cooking skills. She was living in the best moment of her life.

She said that her kids accepted the change well. Her son, Anthony, stopped his unhealthy behaviors. He did it immediately.

Lansbury was convinced that “we would have lost one or both of our two” if they hadn’t been sent to Ireland, where life is much simpler.
“In the end, we discovered a physician who recommended methadone, an alternative to heroin, to treat the withdrawal symptoms Anthony and Deidre had while weaning themselves off hard narcotics,” Lansbury said. She said they were incredibly fortunate to have caught what was occurring at the time.

Deidre wed after taking a bit longer, and she and her husband currently reside in Los Angeles, where they own and operate their own Italian restaurant.