Andrew Cuomo Suddenly Pardons Murders In Final Day In Office

( )- Rather than immediately resigning following the results of an independent investigation that confirmed former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed several women, the egotistical Democrat chose to spend two more weeks in office. It wasn’t clear why he wanted those two extra weeks, but now we know.

He was using the time pardoning murderers and criminals.

During his final day in office, before former Lieutenant General Kathy Hochul was elevated to his position, Cuomo handed out four sentence commutations and one pardon. According to the New York Post, he also referred a 76-year-old man to a parole board over his role in the famous Brink’s armored car robbery in 1981.

The man, David Gilbert, was a member of Weather Underground and was convicted of three counts of second-degree murder and four counts of first-degree robbery. He was found to have played a role in the deaths of Brinks guard Peter Paige, as well as Nyack police Officer Waverly Brown and Sgt. Edward O’Grady.

It’s a wicked crime, and Gilbert is serving a sentence of 75 years to life. However, the son of Gilbert, who is San Francisco’s District Attorney Chesa Boudin, has reportedly lobbied Cuomo for him to be released. And it looks like Cuomo has stepped in and used his powers to help.

There’s a word for that: corruption.

Cuomo announced that Gilbert will be referred to the Parole Board and will potentially be released, and even praised the man for his “significant contributions to AIDS education and prevention programs.”

Is he forgetting his involvement in the deaths of police officers?

Among those who were released were Greg Mingo, a 68-year-old man who was sentenced to 50 years minimum in 1983 over his involvement in the robbery and murder of a couple in Queens. 62-year-old Robert Ehrenberg was also released thanks to Cuomo while serving a sentence of 50 years to life after shooting and killing a man during a robbery in 1992.

Imagine all the things you could do with pardon power in the final days of your time as governor.

And then imagine choosing to release murderers…