America’s Corporate Backed Spy Army Revealed

( )- An exclusive Newsweek report just revealed how some 60,000 people belong to an undercover American army that is reportedly “working under masked identities and in low profile.”

Well, that’s not daunting…

Newsweek revealed that the biggest undercover force in the world was created by the Pentagon over the last ten years. It’s a “broad program” and a “signature reduction” plot that is designed by security agencies to reduce their footprint in surveillance programs. The news outlet claims that over a period of two years, the Pentagon’s secret army was exposed by journalists who collected more than 600 resumed and over one thousand job postings.

Dozens of Freedom of Information Act requests also assisted in the reporting, along with interviews of people in-the-know about the program.

These days, a crazy story like this isn’t surprising at all!

Newsweek claimed that the secret army was over ten times the size of “clandestine elements of the CIA” and is tasked with carrying out both domestic and foreign assignments. Some are made to work as part of the military, some are made to work undercover as civilians, and some are made to work online. Some of these officials even work undercover in private business and with consulting companies.

Some even work for household name brands.

The outlet also claimed that dozens of lesser-known organizations and programs in the government support the program and regularly hand our classified contracts to oversee these scary operations.

According to Newsweek’s reporting, the military secret is “completely unregulated” and because nobody really knows the size of the program, it challenges the code of military conduct, accountability, and even the Geneva Conventions.

You can read the full report here.