Americans Don’t Support The Supreme Court Racial Stunt

( )- A survey released on Monday from I&I/TIPP found that a plurality of Americans don’t think race and gender should be the primary factors in President Biden’s choice for a Supreme Court nominee.

When asked if they thought the race and gender of a SCOTUS nominee are important, 47.3 percent of respondents said they weren’t while 42.7 percent said they were.

Of the 47.3 percent who don’t think gender and race are important, 29.6 percent said they were “not at all important” and 17.7 percent said there were “not very important.”

Of the 42.7 percent who said they were important factors, only 20.6 percent said they were “very important.” The other 22.1 percent said they were only “somewhat important.”

Meanwhile, 100 percent of the Biden administration thinks gender and race are “very important.”

These numbers aren’t as staggering as the ones from a recent ABC News/Ipsos poll from late January that found a vast majority of Americans, 76 percent, want President Biden to consider “all possible nominees” while only 23 percent want him to nominate a black woman.

The ABC News poll also found that just 28 percent of non-white Americans want Biden to only consider a black woman. Even the majority of Democrats, 54 percent, prefer that Biden consider all possible nominees.

In the I&I/TIPP survey, 60 percent of non-white respondents said making gender and race a priority is important while only 32 percent said it wasn’t.

When divided by party, a majority of both Republicans (73 percent) and independents (54 percent) I&I/TIPP survey said they weren’t important while 68 percent of Democrats said they were.

What voters think, however, doesn’t matter. Joe Biden is going to nominate a black woman to replace Stephen Breyer. This isn’t going to be up for debate.

Too many dark-money groups with deep pockets are pushing Biden’s hand in this. And two people within the Biden administration, press secretary Jen Psaki and Paige Herwig once worked for one of those dark money groups, Demand Justice.

And guess who heads up the Biden administration’s judicial-nominee-vetting process.

None other than Paige Herwig.