America Is Not a Democracy

America Is Not a Democracy

( – Contrary to what many newspaper editors write and public-school systems teach, the United States of America was not intended to be a democracy. Rather, it’s a Constitutional Republic, which is still a nation of free people, especially when compared to pure Monarchies, Communist regimes, or Military Dictatorships.

What Would a Pure Democracy Look Like?

In short, chaotic. Writing in Federalist No. 10 James Madison said that a pure democracy “can admit of no cure for the mischiefs of faction.” In other words, there will come times — to use current jargon — where some idea that goes viral and appeals to one person more than 50% of the whole, could become law.

Madison went on to say this form of government is “incompatible with personal security,” and one logical end to that could be a nation that might devolve into a place where there would be no Bill of Rights. There would be nothing to stop the majority from selecting a specific genetic group, loading them into cattle cars, and exterminating them.

What America Is

Possibly the most important reason to understand why America is not a democracy goes back to the very founding vision. Thirteen sovereign states came together and entered into a pact that created a system to present a face to the rest of the world and iron out issues that might arise among the members.

They hammered out the Constitution that set the framework for how the central government would be structured. Several years later, they set limitations upon it by adding the Bill of Rights to the document. They made sure each state would have a voice through the legislative branch as a check against the more populous states running roughshod over the smaller.

The way a Republic system works is that each sub-faction, in this case, that means each state, chooses a number of representatives to represent their interests within the whole. This way, a state like Kansas, which is heavily agricultural, can’t be drowned out by the huge metropolises of New York City or Chicago, for example.

This is particularly true in the Senate, which has two members from every state. This rule was established by the founders when they wrote the Constitution of the United States of America.

This all adds up to a country that’s a Constitutional Republic whose citizens are the freest that the world has ever known. Everyone gets a chance to have their voice heard through the election process with an agreed-upon set of laws that protect the rights of the people in the minority.

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