Amber Heard Storms Out Of Courtroom

( )- On Tuesday, Amber Heard disobeyed Judge Penny Azcarate, rushing out of the courtroom after her legal team’s disastrous redirect questioning.

Johnny Depp, Heard’s ex-husband, is suing her for $50 million over an op-ed she wrote about domestic violence in The Washington Post, which the actor claims harmed his Hollywood career.

During cross-examination by Depp’s lawyer Camille Vasquez, the “Aquaman” actress appeared combative and frustrated — and things only got worse when Heard’s lawyer Elaine Bredehoft tried to rehabilitate the actress during redirect questioning.

Bredehoft was repeatedly unable to ask her client questions due to Vasquez’s sustained objections.

When Heard was done testifying, the judge told her she could take a seat next to her lawyer but instead, Heard made a beeline for the door while sipping a drink.

This happened while several members of Depp’s legal team embraced for hugs.

Heard first faced cross-examination from Depp’s legal team on Monday.

During “cross,” Vasquez played audio for the court that revealed why Depp did not look Heard in the eyes once during the tumultuous defamation case.

“You will never see my eyes again,” Depp promised Heard during a meeting in 2016, the couple’s last face-to-face conversation.

“He won’t look at you?” Vasquez asked Heard.

Vasquez pressed, “You know exactly why Mr. Depp won’t look at you.” “Did he promise you he’d never look into your eyes again?”

Before Depp’s team played the 2016 audio clip for the court, Heard responded, “I don’t recall that.”

On the audio, Heard begs Depp to please hug him before they say goodbye.

“I am nothing to you,” the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star replied.

Depp then says that she will never again see his eyes.

Vasquez also played audio of Heard pleading with Depp to stay and fight her in a “normal fight” rather than fleeing.

According to Depp’s legal team, the audio clips revealed Heard’s pattern of attempting to start fights with the actor when he tried to leave and diffuse the situation.

On the stand, Heard claimed she was attempting to persuade Depp to stay because he would otherwise leave to pursue drugs and alcohol, putting her in danger. However, there was no mention of substance abuse in the audio.

Heard has been heard, but it’s not going well for her.