Amber Heard Fires Her Public Relations Team Amid Ongoing Legal Battle

( )- Amber Heard has recently been in the news because her ex-husband, Johnny Depp, is suing her for defamation.

Heard believed her recent strategy would help, but it looks disastrous.
Heard reportedly fired her whole PR staff ahead of her hearing in Virginia’s Fairfax County Circuit Court. The actress ended her employment with Precision Strategies, her publicist. Heard was upset with the way she was depicted in the trial coverage.

She reportedly engaged Shane Communications to handle her PR.

“She hates terrible headlines,” one unnamed insider said. Another source said Heard was “frustrated with the way her tale was told.”

The trial was aired and streamed live online, allowing the public to hear the same evidence as to the jury. That evidence hasn’t looked well for Heard so far.

During one of the most damaging moments of the trial, audio of Depp and Heard arguing was aired. Depp recalls losing a finger and having a can of mineral spirits hurled at his nose in the audio.

On the tape, Heard says to please tell them it was a fair fight and see what the jury and judge think.

“Tell the world, Johnny. Tell them Johnny Depp … I, Johnny Depp, man, I am a victim too, of domestic violence .. .and see how many people believe or side with you,” she screams.

Heard implied that because Depp was the guy, the public would not support him if he claimed abuse. While not an admission of guilt, it tarnished Heard’s image.
The headlines that followed the tape were not kind to Heard, and for a good reason. Even the most exemplary PR staff in the world would struggle to twist Heard’s statements in her favor.
Many Twitter users reacted angrily to Heard’s statement that she had fired Precision Strategies and hired Shane Communications, blaming her actions for the negative press.

Because of negative press, Amber Heard sacked her whole PR staff.

A Twitter user quipped that she didn’t need a PR agency. She needs a magician.

Another user said Heard looked guilty because “the truth is coming out,” but instead of taking responsibility for her actions, she was “blaming her PR team.”

A brand and crisis management specialist told Fox News that headlines from public trials often reflect adversely on the defendant when the accuser testifies.

Once the defendant’s side delivers its case, the expert says the headlines tend to favor the defendant. So Heard’s decision to fire her PR staff was premature.
In recent weeks, these attacks have occurred in courtrooms and on national television, requiring a thin skin or a lack of understanding of the media, an expert told Fox News.

Changing PR teams shortly before the defense presents its case seems like an unforced blunder.

Long-term, this approach may help Heard, but it may cause more harm than good in the short term.