Allen West Says Executive Orders And Agency Rules Are Not Laws 

( )- In an op-ed at Townhall, Allen West blasted President Biden for supplanting Congress by unilaterally creating “laws” by executive order after Biden signed another executive order expanding the federal government’s gun control measures. 

Last Tuesday, the president signed an executive order increasing the number of background checks required to purchase a firearm. The order also seeks to promote more secure gun storage while ensuring federal law enforcement agencies make full use of the bipartisan Safer Communities Act gun control law signed by the president last summer. 

In his order, Biden calls on every member of his Cabinet to develop a plan to improve the government’s support for communities experiencing gun-related crimes. The order will also require Attorney General Merrick Garland to inform federally licensed firearms dealers of what is required of them in doing background checks. 

Additionally, the president is mandating that the clearinghouse system for reporting ballistics data that would enable federal, state, and local law enforcement to match shell casings to a particular weapon be improved. Currently, local and state law enforcement are not required to provide this ballistic data. 

The president will also have the Federal Trade Commission analyze whether gun manufacturers market to minors or use military imagery to market weapons to the public, and then publicly release a report of its findings. 

In his executive order, the president also directed members of his Cabinet to ensure that law enforcement agencies nationwide are aware of the details included in the bipartisan Safer Communities Act, especially related to red-flag laws which give law enforcement the authority to temporarily remove firearms from people who allegedly pose a potential threat. 

In his op-ed, West takes apart every aspect of Biden’s executive order, arguing that it is an infringement on the Constitutional rights of Americans and “We the People” “shall not comply.”