Alleged Walmart Kidnapper Fatally Shot By Police

( )- Mississippi police shot and killed an armed woman who was making bizarre demands while holding a Walmart employee hostage in the store during a December 21 stand-off that was caught on video.

21-year-old Corlunda McGinister was fatally shot by officers in the Richland Walmart after holding a terrified employee hostage for hours while pleading to speak with a news anchor.

Richland police initially reported an “incident at Walmart involving a weapon” around 5:45 pm on Wednesday, December 21. Hours later the police issued another social media statement reporting an “officer-involved shooting” inside the Walmart.

The video footage circulating on social media showed a woman demanding that a news anchor be sent to her “right now.” The woman held onto her hostage with one arm while holding what appeared to be a gun in her other hand.

She told police that she needed help and said, “Give me a news anchor down here.” The young woman also said she didn’t intend to hurt anyone but she resisted calls to release her terrified hostage.

The video footage also showed Richland police officers repeatedly ordering the suspect to drop her weapon as she continued demanding a news anchor.

Richland Police Chief Nick McLendon told WAPT that mental health is a “big deal,” especially during the stressful Christmas season, and the stand-off was devastating for everyone involved in the situation, including the police.

According to Chief McLendon, no one else was injured during the incident.

The Richland Walmart closed early on the 21st but reopened again the following morning. According to WLBT, law enforcement would remain stationed both inside and outside of the store to make shoppers feel safe.

The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation is conducting an independent probe into the officer-involved shooting, and the details of its investigation will be shared with the Mississippi Attorney General’s Office.