Airline CEO Claims Aircraft Are Totally Safe

United Airlines is now investigating a series of mishaps involving its planes, including engine and structural problems as well as a wheel coming off after takeoff.

In a message to fliers, CEO Scott Kirby reassured that he has United Airlines under control and is taking recent mishaps very seriously.

Since the end of February, at least six incidents have occurred aboard United Airlines flights, five of which involved a Boeing airliner.

Kirby stated that safety is their  highest priority and is at the center of everything they do. He said in the past few weeks, the airline experienced a number of incidents that serve as reminders of the importance of safety. The string of unconnected events has their attention and has sharpened their focus.

The string of incidents includes:

A hydraulic leak caused a Boeing 777 to make a U-turn in its flight after departing Sydney.

A suspected hydraulics problem led an Airbus A320 en way to Mexico City to make an emergency landing at Los Angeles International Airport.

A Boeing 737 “rolled onto the grass” after landing at Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport.

A San Francisco-based Boeing 777-200 that lost a tire shortly after takeoff were both handled by Boeing.

A United Airlines Boeing 757 had to make an emergency landing after a passenger saw what seemed to be the wing “coming apart” and losing large portions.

A problem with an engine forced a Houston–Fort Myers, Florida, flight to make an emergency landing.

According to Kirby, United is looking into each incident to determine what went wrong.

Kirby claims that beginning in May, the corporation had previously intended to provide pilots with an additional day of in-person training. A standardized training program for maintenance technicians recently hired by United has also been developed.

Federal authorities are investigating numerous occurrences; fortunately, no injuries were reported in any of them.