Air Force Reveals Identities Of Servicemen Killed In Crash

As President Biden and other U.S. officials offered condolences for the loss of life, the Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) revealed the identities of the eight American pilots who perished in the tragic Osprey accident in Japan on November 29.

The American-built Osprey is an aircraft that can land and take off like a helicopter but can cruise at far higher speeds than an airplane thanks to its forward-rotating propellers.

According to an email update, AFSOC has officially changed the mission from rescue to search and recovery.

Numerous members of the US military, as well as the Japanese, are actively searching for any survivors of the plane crash and any debris that may have fallen from it.

President Biden offered prayers for those who have suffered a loss due to this tragic event.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin expressed profound sadness at the loss and pledged to conduct a comprehensive inquiry into the event.

According to AFSOC commander Lt. Gen. Tony Bauernfeind, the level of sadness after the catastrophe is incalculable.

Reports indicate the Osprey crashed near Yakushima, Japan, raising concerns about its safety. The crash occurred when a CV-22 Osprey, which is used to transport special forces, caught fire before plummeting into the ocean.

The collision caused concerns about the Osprey’s safety, which has had many tragic mishaps in its brief history. Japan grounded its Ospreys following the disaster.

Air Force Staff Sgt. Jake Galliher, a 24-year-old, was identified as the first victim retrieved.

A report shows that on December 10th, military divers found the body of the seventh crew member of the Osprey.

According to AFSOC, the crew members were all members of the Air Force’s 353rd Special Operations Wing operating out of Kadena Air Base and Yokota Air Base.

Capt. Terrell Brayman (32) of Pittsford, New York.
Maj. Jeffrey Hoernemann (32) of Andover, Minnesota.
Senior Airman Brian Johnson (32) of Reynoldsburg, Ohio.
Tech. Sgt. Zachary E. Lavoy (33) of Oviedo, Florida.
Maj. Eric Spendlove (36) of St. George, Utah.
Staff Sgt. Jake M. Turnage (25) of Kennesaw, Georgia.
Maj. Luke A. Unrath (34) of Riverside, California.