Air Force Captain Thinks He’s Solved The Roswell Mystery

( )- A retired Air Force captain, who has been investigating the infamous Roswell UFO crash from 1947, believes a few blurry words from a memo seen in a photograph may hold the key to unlocking the mystery.

Retired Capt. Kevin Randle was interviewed by the UK Sun while speaking at the 75th anniversary of Roswell. He told the Sun that the official story of the crash was that it was a weather balloon and rawin target (a type of radar) from an experiment conducted in New Mexico.

But Randle’s research revealed that they weren’t using rawin targets in New Mexico. And if that’s the case, the metallic debris found in Roswell can’t be explained.

He told the Sun that the terrestrial explanations for the Roswell crash have been “debunked” and he can say “with authority” that “something fell at Roswell.” He said the crash wasn’t an aircraft or a missile from White Sands, and the Air Force said there is no evidence of some kind of atomic test.

Randle thinks the key to resolving the mystery may be found in a photo sent out to the newswires at the time. The photo showed Brigadier General Roger Ramey holding up a memo.

When zooming in on the grainy image of the memo in the photo, the words, “victims of the crash” or “victims of the wreck” are allegedly seen.

Randle believes this grainy image of the memo “could be the key to this whole thing.”

Randle conceded that the image is very hard to read which is why it isn’t clear whether it reads “victims of the crash” or “victims of the wreck.” He said he was involved in an investigation of the memo for a show on the History Channel and even after using high-tech equipment on the photo, experts couldn’t confirm what the memo said.

But Randle isn’t giving up. He hopes developments in artificial intelligence may be able to resolve the mystery of the 1947 image. But so far, artificial intelligence isn’t able to do it.