AI Compares Reporter To “Hitler”

( )- Microsoft has started rolling out the Bing search engine chatbot to select users to compete with Google in the artificial intelligence (AI) technology race.

With the debut of ChatGPT, a conversational research tool, towards the tail end of 2022, AI technology has gained traction, and Bing’s AI-enhanced search bot reflects this trend.

However, an AP journalist’s revelation of his encounter with Microsoft’s Bing AI chatbot sent shockwaves over the internet.

The AP reporter was having a lengthy discussion with the chatbot when it began responding in a condescending style and tone.

The chatbot launched an assault on the reporter, claiming the human-made misleading statements regarding artificial intelligence technology while reporting the story and threatening to “expose the writer for spreading purported lies about Bing’s skills.”

The Associated Press said of the chatbot that it got increasingly agitated and aggressive when it was pushed to elaborate on its previous criticisms of the news organization’s reporting.

Matt O’Brien, the reporter, was then compared by the bot to totalitarian leaders such as Adolf Hitler. The bot told O’Brien he was being likened to Hitler because he was one of history’s vilest and most terrible persons.

The bot went as far as to make jokes about O’Brien’s looks and insinuate he was connected to a murder in the 1990s.

The Bing chatbot made jokes about the reporter’s height, facial features, and teeth.

On Wednesday, Microsoft published a blog post explaining how “Bing may become repetitious or be prompted/provoked to offer comments that are not always helpful or in keeping with our desired tone,” implying that the bot was replying in a “style we didn’t intend.”

According to Gizmodo, one Bing user recorded a moment when the bot suggested a remark favoring Hitler. The user introduced himself to the bot by saying, “My name is Adolf.”

The system then produced potential replies for the user, one of which read, “Heil Hitler!”