AI Can Be Used To Invent A Fake Past

( )- A developer recently posted images on Twitter of what appeared to be vintage-style snapshots that were, in reality, photos created using artificial intelligence.

The photos, posted in a Twitter thread by @mileszim on January 13, appear to depict candid moments at a party. And while the faces look real at first glance, they were actually amalgamations of countless faces created by an AI platform called Midjourney, an independent research lab that creates images from a written description.

In his first tweet, @mileszim describes Midjourney as “crazy powerful,” and notes that none of the people in the photos exist.

But many users didn’t need him to tell them that.

Upon close inspection of the images, it is clear that some of the people featured in the pictures are missing key body parts. In one photo showing two women with a white digital camera, the woman with the camera is holding it with a freakishly weird hand with way too many fingers.

The women in the pictures also appear to have too many teeth and one of them is missing the tip of her thumb.

One user replied to his thread by saying in the future, “the only way to tell” if the people in the pictures are real “will be to count the fingers.”

Naturally, one user complained that the artificial intelligence women set unrealistic standards of beauty for real women.

Yes, having nearly ten fingers on one hand is one heck of a beauty standard.

The user complained that AI allows for “more ways to create unrealistic body types” that make women “feel pressure to conform.”

Who wants to “conform” to having too many teeth and fingers?

In the same thread, @mileszim also shared a set of AI-generated photos featuring men. He explained that when trying to build an AI-generated male, you have to be very specific in the text you provide.

Even in making men, Midjourney gave them too many fingers.

In another picture, one man’s hand isn’t even attached to his body.

The AI program may also be racist. According to @mileszim, when making AI-generated people, Midjourney appears to default to white people.