AI Allegedly Used To Track A Woman And Kick Her Out Of The Theater

( )- A New Jersey lawyer was turned away from a Christmas performance at Radio City Music Hall after facial recognition technology identified her.

Reports show that Kelly Conlon was recognized by facial recognition software at Radio City Music Hall in Manhattan,  owned by Madison Square Garden Entertainment (MSG), while accompanying her daughter’s Girls Scout troop to see The Rockettes perform.

Conlon was asked to leave after security informed her that the recognition picked her up.  It is company policy to bar customers who are parties to legal proceedings against MSG from entering.

Conlon told the media that they already knew it before she told them her name. They knew the company she was affiliated with. Conlon was informed that she was not permitted to be there.

Kelly Conlon is a New Jersey-based Davis, Saperstein, and Solomon law firm member and has never practiced law in New York. The law firm has been involved in a personal injury lawsuit against a restaurant venue that MSG currently manages.

Conlon stated that she doesn’t have a practice there and doesn’t represent anyone against MSG in any legal proceedings.

MSG claimed in a statement that they established a clear policy prohibiting lawyers representing the Company in litigation from attending events at our venues until that litigation is over. Even though they recognize that some people will find this policy disappointing, the fact is that litigation fosters a hostile environment.

According to MSG, Conlon’s group was invited to attend the show, but not Conlon herself.

Reports show that Conlon said she waited outside but felt humiliated and embarrassed.

Sam Davis, a partner at Conlon’s firm, is now involving the State Liquor Authority in his legal battle with MSG in response to the predicament. Davis explained that unless there are individuals who would be disruptive or pose a security threat, the liquor license that MSG obtained requires them to admit members of the public.

Davis remarked that it was absurd to take a mother and separate her from her daughter and the Girl Scouts she was caring for on the pretext of protecting any disclosure of litigation-related information. It’s alarming that they’re using facial recognition to do this. It’s un-American.

Eventually, facial recognition will cause false imprisonment. Because the system never makes an error.