Adam Schiff Wants To Replace Nancy Pelosi As House Speaker

( )- In November of 2022, the Republicans must retake the House. If they don’t, and Boozer (allegedly) of the House Nancy Pelosi decides to spend the rest of her life enjoying her freezer full of expensive ice creams, the next speaker of the House could be far more revolting and partisan than Pelosi.

Representative Adam ‘Russia Hoax’ Schiff is eyeing the speakership. Schiff so craves the leadership role that he behaves as though he’s next in line. He brags about himself to anyone who cares to listen and has raised millions of dollars in campaign contributions to promote his future candidacy.

But why would Democrats consider voting for a shifty conspiracy promoter such as Schiff, as Speaker of the House?
Schiff still insists that there is ample evidence of collusion between then-President Trump and Russia and his obstruction of justice is far worse than anything Nixon did in the Watergate scandal.
The Steele dossier, which Schiff and the media relied on so heavily, was prepared by former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele. It contains numerous dubious assertions, and when Wolf Blitzer confronted Schiff with the fact that even CNN invalidated many of the so-called Trump dossier’s charges, Adam Schiff claimed that it didn’t change anything.
Last December, Shifty Schiff was discovered tampering with evidence by the right-leaning media. The Jan. 6 House Committee was forced to admit Schiff edited a text message from Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) to former Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows. Schiff tried to make the text message appear incriminating in hopes of dragging Donald Trump into another one of his hoaxes. The House committee ridiculously claimed that Schiff’s alteration was unintentional.
No proof of a Donald Trump conspiracy or obstruction of justice ever surfaced. But those who fear the America First agenda can’t face reality.
Suppose the Democrats keep the House. Whoever is voted in as Speaker will likely play the same dirty tricks as Pelosi. One must wonder if the only way Nancy Pelosi would ever leave Congress is feet first. In that case, Adam Schiff doesn’t stand a chance to become Speaker of the Hoax.