Adam Schiff Makes Insane Claim About GOP Patriots

( )- Far-left Democrat Representative Adam Schiff, who is also the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, made the indefensible and extremist claim on Monday that Republican-backed laws to ensure election integrity are daggers being pointed at the “heart of democracy.”

Speaking to Joy Reid, the equally far-left “news anchor” on MSNBC, Schiff bought into the fake narrative that Republicans are pushing a “big lie” about the last presidential election – specifically that President Joe Biden only won the election because of widespread fraud and misconduct.

Reid, who is known for pushing hyper-partisan extremism and false claims, said that 14 states have enacted 22 new laws that “restrict the right to vote,” which is inaccurate. The laws passed do not restrict anybody from voting who is entitled to vote, and are designed to ensure that only those who are legally entitled to vote can do so.

What Reid meant to say is that 14 states have passed 22 new laws that restrict the right to vote…for illegal aliens.

Reid asked Schiff if he believes legislation like this is going to be a “prevailing factor in the 2022 elections” onwards…which doesn’t make much sense, but Schiff answered it anyway.

He claimed that he is “concerned with the use of the big lie” to push these new state laws, which he claimed disenfranchises people of color from voting.

Where is his evidence for that?

And why is nobody talking about the fact that making it easier for people to cast illegal votes disenfranchises those who cast legal votes?

You can read the full interaction here, but be warned: it will make your blood boil.