Actress Admits to Stealing Donald Trump’s Limo

Supermodel Janice Dickinson has spoken about the day she “borrowed” Donald Trump’s limousine to go to dinner with a date.

The 68-year-old model alleges the event occurred before she and the date were set to go out for the evening.

Yet she said it was all an honest error since she had no idea the car belonged to the businessman. She claimed that she had been unable to hail a taxi and had resorted to using the next available mode of transportation.

She said the shortage of accessible automobiles was due to the recent blizzard in New York. She said it was a classic Nor’easter. There was a total lack of taxis. She waited for a cab for a minimum of two hours while shivering in the freezing weather.

She said she had noticed the limo sitting idly and hopped inside. 

Dickinson claims she took it for a spin down the block, swerving and doing fishtails since nobody else was around because of the storm.

She went on to reveal that she had a good date because she remembers kissing, and that would mean success on this particular date, 

Who was the date? Dickinson claims it was John F. Kennedy Jr.

It wasn’t until the following day, Janice recalled, that she realized whose car she had taken.

She dispelled rumors that “millions of dollars worth of fax machines, fur coats, and jewelry were in the backseat but were left undisturbed.” She said the headlines were exaggerated and didn’t see any of those items.

The ex-president of the United States is presently being investigated on 34 counts of allegedly manipulating business documents.

During his arraignment in Manhattan earlier this week, he was forced to reveal that he was really an inch shorter than he had claimed.

According to the online booking system’s records, he was 6 feet and 2 inches tall and weighed 240 pounds.

His physicians reported him as 6 feet, 3 inches tall and 244 pounds in 2020 when he served as president.