Accused Child Predator Given Job Around Children

A former employee of pro-gay and pro-trans ReadyKids in Charlottesville, Virginia, Eleanor Hoppe, was arrested by the FBI in a sting operation. Hoppe had access to children when she conducted “counseling” and “family support” programs. She was busted and accused of pedophilia and sharing child porn.

Hoppe is a “scion” of a prominent legal family in Virginia that donates millions of dollars to political parties and candidates, and her ex-husband was appointed to the federal bench by the Obama administration.

Hoppe supervised “all early learning playgroups” in three different Charlottesville, Virginia neighborhoods while working as “ReadySteps Program Leader and Early Learning Specialist” at ReadyKids, per her LinkedIn profile.

Hoppe elaborated in her job description that she was a “Team Leader” at ReadyKids and that she maintained “precise database records” for both the organization and “outside agencies” in her role as the “specialist in charge” of the playgroups where she interacted directly with children and their families.

An excerpt from my resume reads, “I successfully integrated the Parents As Teacher Curriculum, developed the family coordinator program, and collaborated extensively with community partners.”

In addition, I made sure that ReadyKids’ and other organizations’ database records were accurate. My program’s budget was increased thanks to a multiyear grant I secured while serving as Team Leader.

ReadyKids not only openly backs the LGBT grooming and trans genital mutilation of children but also employs alleged pedophile Eleanor Hoppe. Their website shows many kids and adults holding hands, superimposed above an inverted rainbow triangle.

On March 20th, the divorcee (45) and mother, Eleanor Beaumont Hunton Hoppe, were charged with various federal offenses. Hoppe is currently being investigated on federal allegations of transporting a minor with the intent to engage in sexual behavior, enticing a minor, and distributing child pornography.

She is a mother of two children.

All allegations against Hoppe are felonies; the maximum sentence she might receive is life in prison.

Hoppe sent a text message to an investigator in which she detailed her plans to rape a girl of 8 years old who did not exist but was invented by the investigation team.

Hoppe texted that she “can’t wait” to rape the 8-year-old girl.