Abbott Warns Biden Against DOJ Attack on Texas

On Sunday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott leveraged Twitter to challenge the Biden administration amidst a lawsuit filed by the Department of Justice over the state’s efforts to fortify its border with Mexico.

In one of his tweets, Abbott highlighted the efficacy of his state’s border security, stating that they have intercepted over 422 million potentially fatal doses of fentanyl, a feat he attributes to the president’s lackluster performance, allowing the drugs to traverse the U.S.-Mexico border.

“We’ve also made 394,200 apprehensions of undocumented immigrants and executed 31,300 criminal arrests. All this is attributable to Biden’s negligence in his duties.”

Abbott championed Operation Lone Star, an initiative aimed at strengthening the border, inhibiting the trafficking of drugs, weapons, and humans into Texas, and disrupting transnational crime between ports of entry.

He further stated that since the launch of Operation Lone Star, this collaborative initiative has resulted in 29,100 felony charges, more than 394,200 arrests of undocumented immigrants, and over 31,300 criminal detentions reported. To stem the rising tide of illegal fentanyl importation, 422 million lethal doses have been intercepted by Texas authorities. 

The statement additionally highlighted the state’s initiative to transport migrants who crossed the southern border to Democratic cities throughout the country, including Chicago, New York City, Washington, DC, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and Denver. The statement reported that over 27,000 migrants have been transported to these cities.

Operation Lone Star continually addresses the perilous voids created by the Biden Administration’s failure to solidify the border. Due to the open-door policies of President Joe Biden, every individual detained or arrested and every ounce of drugs intercepted would have otherwise shown up in communities across Texas and the nation.

Furthermore, the statement asserts that Biden will “face repercussions” should the Department of Justice decide to take Texas to court. 

A Justice Department’s Environment and Natural Resources Division representative verified that the DOJ “sent a letter to the Texas Governor and Attorney General informing them of their plan to file a lawsuit regarding the unlawful construction of a floating razor wire barrier in the Rio Grande River.

Texas is also engaged in a legal dispute with the Biden administration over its border barriers, which, according to administration officials, pose risks to prospective migrants. Certain border officials have reported instances of migrants sustaining injuries, such as cuts and scrapes while navigating through barbed fencing.