A-List Celebrity Considering Retirement

Nicolas Cage, the renowned actor, has recently made headlines with his announcement that he may be retiring from the silver screen before his 60th birthday next month. In an interview with Vanity Fair, Cage expressed his desire to end his career “on a high note.”

Cage, who has won an Academy Award for his outstanding performance in Leaving Las Vegas, revealed that he is starting to solidify his retirement plan. While he may have three or four more movies left in him, the actor believes that he has said all he needed to communicate through cinema, pushing the boundaries of film performance as far as he could.

Cage’s reflection on his mortality has influenced his decision to retire. Considering that his father, August Coppola, passed away at 75, the actor has realized that he may only have around 15 years left. This realization prompted him to ponder what he wanted to do with that time and to prioritize spending it with his family.

Cage, who recently became a father again at the age of 57, has a 15-month-old daughter named August Francesca with his fifth wife, Riko Shibata. He also has two other children – Weston, who will be celebrating his 33rd birthday in December, and Kal-El, 18.

Despite his decision to step back from the big screen, Cage’s fans can still catch him in various upcoming projects. He recently wrapped up filming for the psychological thriller The Surfer, where he plays a territorial Australian surfer. He is also set to star in Arcadian, a dystopian monster thriller, and will reprise his role as international arms dealer Yuri Orlov in the sequel to Lords of War.

While Nicolas Cage has had an illustrious career in film, he has yet to explore the world of television. Although he has hosted Netflix’s History of Swear Words, he admitted that he is open to diving into the immersive streaming experience. Cage is actively searching for his next step, eager to find new and exciting opportunities.

As this iconic actor prepares to bid farewell to the silver screen, audiences worldwide eagerly await his final performances. Nicolas Cage’s unique talent and unforgettable presence will undoubtedly leave a lasting legacy in the world of cinema.