A “Dirty Bomb” May Be Headed For Ukraine

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Very few things are as effective as a dirty bomb in inspiring dread.

According to a report, Russia’s accusations that Ukraine was constructing a radioactive dispersion device (RDD), perhaps laying the scene for a false-flag assault, should not have come as a surprise.

After Russian accusations that work was being done on a dirty bomb in Ukraine, the country requested an inspection of three facilities last November, and the UN nuclear watchdog stated it found no trace of undeclared radioactive activities.

An RDD does not release the destructive activity potential as a nuclear bomb would. Instead, it spreads radioactive material using a traditional explosion, which adds the complication of contamination to an already existing issue.

The report explains that a dirty bomb’s main currency is terror rather than physical harm. After an explosion, radioactive material formerly concentrated in one area is now disseminated across a large area. As a result, fewer people will get an unsafe dosage of radiation by being in that location. The ensuing pollution poses a more significant threat to human health in the long run. Yet, the general population is prone to exaggerate the danger since even mentioning radiation might cause unnecessary alarm.


The prevailing thinking is that a dirty bomb is a cheap weapon of mass destruction due to its lack of power and complexity compared to a nuclear weapon.

According to Texas Health and Human Services,  the terrorist has a technical challenge while building the bomb. Suppose they employ a massive energy source capable of producing deadly quantities of radiation. In that case, they must also incorporate high-density shielding material like lead or steel. This shielding would make the bomb very cumbersome to transport, difficult to conceal, and in need of sophisticated, bulky, and difficult-to-use remote handling gear.

Terrorists would perish from radiation exposure if they didn’t build this protection into the bomb’s blueprints. Increases in shielding for this kind of high-energy source would also aid in containing the radioactive material and preventing the spread of radiation in the case of an explosion. This means the terrorist can only employ a tiny quantity of very high-energy material or very low-energy material in an enormous amount.