A Chinese Spy Successfully Infiltrated A UK Parlament Meeting

A report reveals that British parliamentarians and exiled Hong Kong dissidents met inside the House of Commons earlier this month, and a Communist Chinese spy is thought to have infiltrated the gathering.

On July 5th, an unidentified man purportedly attended a meeting organized by Conservative MP Bob Seely in a committee room on the top floor of Parliament.

According to the report, almost two hundred invited members of parliament and journalists, peers, and dissidents from Hong Kong, some of whom wore masks for fear of reprisal,  gathered to debate the present circumstances in the former British territory.

When questioned, the infiltrator claimed to be a tourist who had been directed there by an official tour group, but the location was not on any official tour itineraries.

After being confronted, the man left, but not before many inside the room suspected he was a communist regime agent sent to Hong Kong to intimidate activists there. Some have $130,000 arrest bounty payments put on them by Hong Kong law enforcement, which is CCP-controlled.

A report shows ex-UK consulate worker Simon Cheng, who was tortured after being abducted in China over his purported involvement in the Hong Kong freedom movement, said a year ago that he suspects Chinese agents have actively monitored his movements in the UK. This is not the first instance that pro-democracy activists were harassed on British soil. 

Since there are still over 3 million British people in Hong Kong, as stated by Cheng, the United Kingdom has a moral and legal responsibility to ensure the safety of its citizens there.

Because he had spoken out opposing the Chinese Communist Party, the former employee of the British embassy had to cut contact with his loved ones in Hong Kong and China in January so as not to cause them harm via retribution.