98% Of Americans Have Not Accepted Latest Booster Vaccine

Covid boosters just aren’t that fashionable anymore. It’s no longer the virtue signal it once was.

Only 7 million Americans have gotten the upgraded coronavirus vaccines, compared to 56.5 million who received the previous year’s version.

As of Wednesday, the major vaccine makers, Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech, had reportedly distributed their updated injections to around 2% of the population, according to statistics from the United States Department of Health and Human Services obtained by Reuters.

In light of the virus’s ongoing evolution, vaccines have been modified to be “single-target shots directed at coronavirus’ XBB.1.5 omicron subvariant of the coronavirus.” This variant was previously the most common in the United States this year. As the coronavirus evolves, this form has been rendered obsolete.

This week, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the COVID-19 vaccine for emergency use in people aged 12 and older, and the vaccine’s manufacturer, Novavax, is currently distributing millions of doses.

The latest boosters address currently circulating variations to deliver enhanced protection against the catastrophic outcomes of COVID-19, including hospitalization and death,” as stated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Millions of Americans who received coronavirus vaccines last year have not upgraded to the updated version, which is supposed to provide “better protection,” but doubts about the needles’ efficacy have been widely discussed in the media.

New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers made a joke about Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce being “Mr. Pfizer” a week earlier because of his work as an endorser for the pharmaceutical company. The day after calling Kelce “Mr. Pfizer,” Rodgers pushed Kelce to a debate on the vaccine the following day.

While appearing on the Pat McAfee show, Rodgers proposed that he and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. debate Kelce and Anthony Fauci.