71-Year-Old Man Beaten After Trying To Defend Animals

A 71-year-old South Florida man ended up bruised and bloody after chasing off two men who were attempting to trap ducks on his property, WSVN Miami reported.

Art Cosgrove told WSVN that he discovered two men on his property in Plantation, Florida, using nets to trap ducks on his lawn. He said after he went outside and chased the men off of his property, the two of them turned on him and attacked him in the street.

Surveillance video from a neighboring house showed the men arriving in a truck carrying the nets that they used to capture one duck from Cosgrove’s yard. One of the two then moved to the front of the property to trap another duck when Cosgrove spotted him. He exited his out and ordered them off the property, telling them they were trespassing.

Cosgrove then chased them around the pickup truck and into the street when things escalated.

Eventually, one of the men charged at Cosgrove, hitting him repeatedly.

According to Cosgrove, as he was wrestling to get one of the men off of him, the second one hit him multiple times in the head with a stick.

Cosgrove suffered a lacerated head requiring two staples as well as a black eye.

After beating him senseless, the two men fled the scene.

Cosgrove filed a police report with the Plantation Police and submitted a video from a neighbor after he learned that the two men who assaulted him told later told officers not far from the scene that Cosgrove attacked them and they were the victims.

According to Plantation city officials, the city would never authorize trappers to enter private property to remove ducks.

Cosgrove told WSVN that his Homeowners’ Association did not authorize the men to trap ducks on his property.