2024 Election Will Likely Be Broken, Watchdog Group Says

(RoyalPatriot.com )- In an interview with Just the News on Monday, Amistad Project Director Phill Kline warned that many of the election integrity issues that plagued the 2020 election still haven’t been resolved, and “we are not ready for 2024.”

Kline noted that Georgia is claiming its new election laws passed last year will ban private funding of elections. However, Kline explained, “they worded the law improperly” so Mark Zuckerberg could do the same thing in 2024 that he did in 2020 when he gave $350 million for Leftwing organizations to run local elections offices.

Kline said those organizations turned local elections offices into “get-out-the-vote centers for Joe Biden.”

Kline told Just the News that the only reason our elections are more secure heading into the 2022 midterms is that it is “harder for the left to carry out its policy in a midterm election.”

Kline explained the Left needs to “eviscerate” election laws by unilaterally changing them and creating “ideological conformity in the management of the election.” To that end, the Left needs a deep-blue county, like Georgia’s Fulton County or Michigan’s Wayne County. They can then manipulate the county’s election management to benefit a specific Democrat candidate. But with the Midterms, “swing congressional seats do not have that ideological conformity.”

While several states have acknowledged that serious irregularities or unlawful changes to election rules did happen in 2020, no state, including GOP-run states, has reported finding any evidence of widespread voter fraud that would have altered the outcome of the 2020 election.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled that the state’s election regulators illegally allowed tens of thousands of absentee voters who were not disabled to skip the required voter ID checks simply by claiming they were “indefinitely confined” by the pandemic. Wisconsin’s legislative audit bureau also found numerous additional rule changes were made without authorization from the state legislature.

Over 50,000 ballots cast in Arizona in the 2020 election were called into question after an audit was conducted. Meanwhile, in Georgia, state election officials uncovered so much widespread mismanagement in Fulton County’s vote-counting, they have begun the process to have Fulton County’s elections run by the state rather than the county.